One-time set-up
To activate the savings, AAA members simply create an account on (visit to set up an account) visit and enter their grocery loyalty number. There are no coupons to clip. No special instructions. Just instant savings month after month. And don’t worry, if you can’t find your grocery loyalty number we will help you!

How it works
Once you have activated the service you will receive a monthly email containing all of the grocery savings for AAA members for that month. When shopping, put any of the eligible products in your basket, enter your grocery loyalty number at checkout (like you always do), and the savings are automatically applied.

Still have questions? Please contact

Additional Questions:

Q. Can I add another card to my account? 
A. No.  You may enter one loyalty card per grocery store chain. 

Q. How do I add my loyalty number?
1. To add your loyalty card please visit and log into  
2. You will be directed to the page listing all the available coupons for the month.  
3. On the top right corner you will see your name.  (if you are on a mobile device you will see three lines on the top right corner of the screen)
4. When you click on your name a drop down will appear, choose ‘STORES.’  
5. From here you can select the grocery store chain that you would like to enter your loyalty card to.
6. You may add your Price Chopper and Tops cards to activate the monthly coupons. 

Q. AAA says email address not recognized for grocery discounts.
A.  If your email address is not recognized when you sign into you may not have a online account.  You may create a new account by visiting