Whenever you create a vehicle profile in AAA AutoManager, it is associated with the login (user id and password) that you were logged in with when creating the vehicle profile. If you change your login after creating a vehicle profile, the vehicle profile will appear to be lost.

To retrieve a "lost" vehicle profile, you need to change your user id and password back to the values they were when you made the profile, then clear your cookies and cache using the following steps:

Clear cookies and cache:
If you continue to be routed to the incorrect site, please delete any cookies that may be on your PC for autoclubsouth.aaa.com or aaa.com.  To delete your cookies, click here to review the instructions for your browser.

Please note, our system only allows for one login at a time. To retrieve vehicle profiles made with multiple logins, you will need to change your login to the proper login for the vehicle information you entered.  You can change your login by clicking on Sign In in the top right corner of any page.

To go directly to AAA AutoManager, click here.