Payments will be sent out in one of two ways: electronically or as a trust check.
  • Electronic payments are sent using the account number you input and will clear your account on the scheduled payment date.
  • Trust checks are similar to teller or cashier checks, and will clear your account on the scheduled payment date.

When you make a payment, the money is transferred from your account to a trust account on the day that you set the payment to be made. An electronic payment or check is then cut from that trust account to protect your account details, and to ensure the payment does not come back as NSF.

If a payee will accept electronic payments, your bills will be paid electronically. Those payees who cannot accept electronic payments will receive a check through the mail.

If the payment is sent using a trust check, our Bill Pay provider will send the check to the payee 2-3 days before your scheduled payment date to have the check arrive on the scheduled payment date. If you receive notice that your payment was not posted or never arrived at the payee, please call us at (503) 785-2528 or (800) 547-5532 so that we can research the issue and provide a solution.