The following forms require wet signatures in order to be valid. Since these cannot be eSigned (electronically signed) your member representative will:
  • mail them to you with a pre-paid return envelope so that you can sign and return them
  • email them so that you can print the pages, sign them,and return them
Note: forms marked with an asterisk *have instructions to print them or complete them on the Internet
Membership Documents Loan Documents
4506-T Tax Transcript 4506-T Tax Transcript
Affidavit of Fraud (for teller checks) Equigard (for home equitiies)
Business Wire Outgoing Forbearance and Extension Agreement
Business Wire Transfer Agreement MBP Contract
Certification of Trust Member Autthorization to Release Account Information - Non-business accounts
Consumer Wire Outgoing OR BOS (Bill of Sale)
Declaration of Successor Trustee OR Title Application
Declaration of Loss and Indemnification Agreement - teller check OR Title Application Marine Board
Indemnity Agreement OR POA (Power of Attorney)
Member Authorization to Release Account Information - non-business accounts OR Lien Satisfaction
Recurring Wire Addendum OR DEQ Exemption
Wire Business Authorized Sender Information OR Marine Board POA
OR Marine Board BOS
OR LOC Trust Deed
WA Title Application
WA Vessel Application*
WA Vessel Data/Use Tax*
Wa POA Non-Motorized (Power of Attorney)
WA BOS (Bill of Sale)
WA Lien Satisfaction
WA Declaration of Buyer and Seller
WA Secure ODO Disclosure (Odometer Disclosure)*
WA LOC Trust Deed
Payoff Request Authorization

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