When loan or service documents must be signed, Advantis can send them to you electronically so you may conveniently sign them from any location that has internet access. All you need is access to your email and an internet-ready device, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The general signing process is detailed below:
  1. Initiate the process - Once we speak with and verify you, we will create and populate the documents. You will be provided verbally with a one-time password to access the signing session and the documents will then be sent to an email address of your choosing.
  2. Access the forms - When you receive the email alert that the documents are ready to sign, you should click on the link contained in that email to input the password and load the documents. Below is an example of the email, for reference:

  3. Sign - Alerts on the screen will guide you to each location where a signature or initials are required.
  4. Submit the documents - After all signature and initial fields are completed, a button will appear that will enable you to submit the documents back to Advantis. If the documents require multiple signers, they will then be sent to the next individual for signing and submission. If all signers have completed their signatures, the documents will return to Advantis and we will proceed with processing your request.
Please note, if you initiate a request via email that requires document(s) to be signed electronically and we are unable to speak with you, you will be presented with extra verification questions upon opening the forms. You must correctly answer these before you will be allowed to sign. These questions are drawn from public record and are designed to help us verify that another individual is not initiating requests on your behalf. This process will take place in lieu of the one-time password mentioned above.

For more information regarding our eSignature services, please click here.