If you receive an error message while Online Banking refer to this table for a solution:

Problem/ Error Message Solution Notes
Access Denied Contact Advantis at 503.785.2528 or 800.785.5532 to set up mobile banking. To requirements for mobile deposit access are: a checking account and an approved phone or tablet with the current operating system and a camera. Visit www.advantiscu.org for the specific requirements.
Check image is illegible Re-take the picture. With the check in the image viewer, touch the screen on your phone to focus the image. Make sure you have sufficient light and that the check image is not blocked or covered by anything. Some colored inks are not clearly visible with imaging software.
Folded or torn check Flatten the check and re-take the picture. Some checks may have to be re-issued by the person who wrote it. Alternatively, deposit it at a branch or ATM.
Check amount doesn't’t match Verify that the written value of the check, the numerical amount in the box of the check and the amount you entered as the deposit match. If there is a discrepancy between the written amount and the numerical amount, the written amount is the legal value of the check.  You can also request the check to be reissued. 
Check too large Deposit the check at a branch or ATM. The system has pre-determined check limits.
Duplicate Item If you are confident this check hasn't been deposited before, bring it into a branch for assistance. The system has identified this check as having been deposited previously as a mobile deposit or at a branch.
No signature on the front of the check Have the person who issued the check sign the front of it, or issue a new check. You may need to bring the check into a branch.
Routing/ Account number not clear Make sure the check has a 9-digit number at the bottom such as |:123456789|:   Retake the picture. With the check in the image viewer, touch the screen on your phone to focus the image. Non-negotiable items, international (foreign) checks, and other items have different numbering conventions at the bottom.  You need to bring those into a branch.