To deposit a check (or cash) at an Advantis owned ATM, follow these steps:

1. Insert the card.
2. Select your language: English or Spanish.
3. Enter your PIN.
4. Select yes or no for a receipt.
5. Select the transaction type (deposit).
6. Select the account type to work with (checking, savings).
7. Enter the amount of your deposit.
8. Select Dispense to obtain deposit envelope.
9. Endorse your check and put it in the envelope and seal it.
10. Submit the sealed envelope into the ATM.
11. Respond to the question would you like another transaction and select yes or no.
12. Take your receipt and card.   For a non-Advantis owned ATM, the process may be similar to above, or it may not require an envelope, depending on the type of ATM.

Note: If you use Advantis' mobile app, you can use the Mobile Deposit feature instead of using an ATM to make a check deposit.