Advantis' Online Banking system utilizes multiple tests for authenticating and verifying you and your device's identity for your security:

Device Tests:
  • When logging in, you are presented with the option of having our online banking system remember you based on the device or computer you are using. This method will store a security cookie within your browser in order to recognize the device in the future and bypass the extra validation steps.
  • The authentication system also monitors device characteristics (browser type, browser version, installed plug-ins, operating system used, screen sizes, etc.). Any changes to these settings can result in the device not being recognized.
Network Location History Tests:
  • Our Online Banking system will compare the network information you are logging in from against recent logins to determine whether you are logging in from a new network.
Velocity Tests:
  • Our Online Banking system calculates the physical locations of the networks you are using to log in and compares the distance between them against the time elapsed between log in attempts to determine if you could have traveled that distance in a reasonable amount of time. Thus, if you log in from a distant location that could not have been covered in a short amount of time, this test will not pass.
If all of these tests pass, you will be allowed to log in without completing extra validation. If the system is not able to pass any of these tests, you may be required to answer security questions, or receive a one-time verification code via text message, in order to complete the log in process.

Please note that asking the system to remember your device should not be considered a permanent setting. For a wide variety of reasons, cookies can become corrupt or otherwise unreadable by our systems, at which point you may be asked to answer your security questions again. Should this happen, we recommend that you log in to your Online Banking profile, navigate to Settings > Security, and delete the listings under 'Remembered Devices'. This will give you the ability to create and store new cookies upon your next log in.