Contacting the HSA Help Center

1. To contact the Health Savings Account (HSA) Help Center visit the Advantis website and select the Checking and Savings Accounts tab.
2. On the left navigation bar click HSA Accounts.

3. Click the prompt that states you will be leaving the Advantis website for the Ascensus HSA site.
4. The HSA landing page opens. Click the HSA Center button to access the site.

5. In the Welcome menu select either Open an HSA Account or Manage your HSA Account.

4. A form displays for you to enter your personal information. In the Credit Union field enter the single-digit number that follows you account number. This is also known as your sub-account. Press Enter.

5. Alternatively you can call the HSA Service Center at 800-346.3860 and selecting option 1.
    Contact Wealth Management on x2574 if you need additional assistance.