To accept a payment by phone we need the following information:

Payments by phone are no longer accepted, except in the following situations:
  • The member is visually impaired
  • The member does not speak English and is unable to read required fields
  • It is a Pay Trace payment by phone - Loss Prevention and Consumer Lending will process these

To process a member's payment by phone
1. Obtain the member's name and account number.
2. Verify the name on the card matches the name of the person calling in.
3. The person presenting the card must be a credit union member or authorized to get information (per our Visa agreement we must know who we are doing business with when making payments by phone).
4. Disclose the $8.00 fee (can be waived for a first time payment while member is setting up ACH).
5. ID the member using the phone ID procedure and confirm contact information.
6. Collect the full 16-digit card number.
7. Collect the expiration date.
8. Collect the CSV code on the back of the card.
9. Confirm the payment amount. The maximum amount is $5000 including the $15 fee.
10. Run the card in Paytrace for the payment plus the fee.
11. Post the payment only in XP from Paytrace GL # 0799-3000.