To accept a payment by phone we need the following information:

1. The member name and account number.
2. The name on the card must match the name of the person calling in.
3. The person presenting the card must be a credit union member or authorized to get information (per our Visa agreement we must know who we are doing business with when making payments by phone).
4. Disclose the $15.00 fee (can be waived for a first time payment while member is setting up ACH).
5. ID the member using the phone ID procedure and confirm contact information.
6. Collect the full 16-digit card number.
7. Collect the expiration date.
8. Collect the CSV code on the back of the card.
9. Confirm the payment amount. The maximum amount is $5000 including the $15 fee.
10. Run the card in Paytrace for the payment plus the fee.
11. Post payment only in XP from Paytrace GL # 0799-3000.