Due to some recent electronic fraud in the financial industry, our Bill Pay provider has implemented a new safety measure for individuals:
  • Any new individuals being paid via Bill Pay will receive a paper check in the mail — they will not be able to receive electronic payments. 
  • Existing payees who are set up to be paid electronically will continue to receive electronic payments — our provider has verified these accounts.
  • Businesses will continue to receive electronic payments, also. 
  • Once our provider is able to ensure electronic payments are free from fraud, they will bring this feature back. There is currently no ETA.
If you receive notice that your payment was not posted or never arrived at the payee, please call us at (503) 785-2528 or (800) 547-5532 so that we can research the issue and provide a solution.

Please visit the Bill Pay section in the Online Banking Resource Center for more information.