Your Online Banking accounts are protected by two-factor authentication. We offer two types that you can set up: a one-time SMS Code, and Security Questions. You must enable one of these. Select either SMS Verification Codes or Security Questions using these procedures:

One-Time SMS Verification Codes
 In order to receive a one-time SMS verification code you must confirm that your phone number can receive text messages. 

To confirm text messaging
1. Log in, and then in Settings select the Contact tab.
2. Find the phone number you want to set for SMS codes and select Edit.
3. Check the box "I would like to receive SMS text messages to this number".
4. Click Send a code via text.
5. A one-time code is sent to your device. Enter that code in the box on the Desktop site and click Confirm Code.
6. Click Save Changes.

Security Questions
Online Banking requires five security questions. Two of these are randomly selected to authenticate you when you perform certain types of transactions.

To change your security questions 
1. Log in, and then in Settings select the Security tab.
2. Under Two-Factor Authentication click the gear icon next to the Security Questions listing.
3. Select and answer five new questions and click Done.

Note: We recommend that you always leave Security Questions enabled to act as a 'fall-back' should you ever encounter a situation where you are unable to receive a one-time SMS code.

Configure two-factor authentication for every login
Alternatively, you can enable two-factor authentication for every login.
1. From the Online Banking desktop, select the Security tab.
2. Click Settings.
Next to the Require Two-Factor Authentication for each login slide the toggle to the On position.