The Fusion widget is a tool that tells you if you are on track to meet the four requirements to earn the benefits of Fusion Checking. The benefits include a competitive interest rate and monthly U.S. ATM fee refunds of up to $25 per month.

To view the Fusion widget, log into your account. You can either view the widget in the menu on your Dashboard page or under the More button. Once you have clicked the Fusion widget, it will display the four requirements necessary to receive the benefits and your progress towards meeting them. A green check mark indicates that you have met the requirement, a red X indicates that you have not. Compare the Required and Actual columns to see how close you are to meeting the monthly requirements.

Please note: the Online & Mobile Banking Logins listing will only reflect your log ins. If there are other owners on your Fusion account and they log in to their Online Banking profile, it WILL count towards your monthly requirement, but WILL NOT show in your Fusion widget.

On the right side of the widget, you'll see a list of all of the qualifying periods. These periods indicate when a transaction must post to your account to satisfy the transaction requirement for that month's cycle. Bolded months indicate times when all four criteria were met and you received the benefits.

You will still receive a monthly email at the end of the cycle confirming whether or not you met the account requirements and earned all the benefits, even if you have not used the Fusion widget.

Note:The Fusion widget will allow you to select and view your progress on any Fusion Checking account for which you are an owner or joint owner.Take care to make sure you have selected the checking account you intend to view.