To create a budget, begin by logging into Online Banking account, the clicking the Budget widget (button).

(If you do not see the Budget widget, click the More button, then click Widget Options. Find the Budget widget from the Available list and click Add to see it on your Dashboard.)

Once you have cliked on the Budget widge, you will see the Create Budget tab.
To create a new budget:
  1. Enter a name for your budget and then select the account or accounts you want to link to the budget.
  2. Add your expense categories and your income categories.
  3. Click the Create Budget button.
  • If you want to edit a budget category, select Manage Categories at the bottom of the menu. This is also where you can mark specific budget categories as discretionary.
  • You can only link each account to one budget. If you need to delete an expense or income category, click the X to the right of the Amount box.

See the Budget video in our Online Banking Resource Center to view a demonstration and more features of this tool.