It depends on when and where the deposit is made.

In most cases, if you make a deposit at a branch or ATM you will see the transaction credited to your account immediately. If you make a deposit on a non-business day, the transaction will be posted immediately, but will earn interest as of the following business day.If you make a deposit through the mail, it will be credited to your account as of the day we receive it.

If you make a deposit via our mobile app, your account will be credited by the next business day, unless the deposit is not accepted. If a deposit is not accepted, we will notify you.

Occasionally, we will need to make sure that a deposited item has cleared the financial institution where the funds originated before we can make them available to you. In these cases we will notify you that the funds will not be immediately available, and the date that they will become available. Checks can take up to 7 business days to clear the originating financial institution, so we may place a hold on a deposit for that full duration. Even if your funds are unavailable for withdrawal, they will still earn interest from the original date of deposit.

Please email us or call us at (503) 785-2528 or(800) 547-5532 with questions regarding check holds.