Securely pay or receive payment from any individual with an account at ANY financial institution. You may request a payment from anyone or make fast, convenient payments anytime from your AmeriCU account using PopMoney! Best of all, there is no fee for this service! 

Sending Money

To send money, log in to online banking, choose "Move Money" and then "External Transfers". Choose "Pay Other People".

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your transaction. You can send money to anyone using only their email address, mobile number or bank account information.

You will be notified when the transaction is completed.

Receiving Money

When someone sends you money, you will get an email or text message with instructions about how to log in and receive the money. If you don't provide your account information in the specified amount of time, the payment will be automatically returned to the sender's account.

If you've already provided the sender with your account information, the money will be deposited automatically!

It's just that easy!


The minimum transfer amount is $10.00 and the maximum transfer amount is $2000.00 per transfer per day. You may complete a maximum of 15 PopMoney transactions per day and 30 transactions per month. The total monthly transaction amount cannot exceed $5,000.00.


(Pay People is now PopMoney)