The AmeriCU Knowledge Base is an interactive web service aimed at providing you with up-to-date, accurate information as fast as possible.  Our Knowledge Base allows you to search through hundreds of frequently asked questions and information articles via our website.  This service is dynamic-the information available will grow and expand more the service is used!
  • Q & A Search: Quickly search and bookmark our knowledge base items for answers to your questions.


  • Ask a Question (Email Us): Ask questions and be assured that your questions will be answered promptly by the person best able to respond.


  • Build a Profile: Create or update your contact information.


  • Review Your Past Questions: Review all you previously asked questions.


  • Set My Alerts: Set Alerts to be automatically notified via email when new information you care about is available.  With our alerts, you are n control of when you get notified ad all your alerts are included in a single email so you will never be inundated with emails!

In addition, our Knowledge Base service also provides AmeriCU Credit Union members with a safe and secure channel to communicate with AmeriCU staff.  If you are unable to find your answer by searching, you can go to Ask a Question and a staff member will get back to you within 1 business day.  AmeriCU will use this service to provide our members with the exceptional service they've come to expect.

What is the difference between the search box and the AmeriCU Knowledge Base?


  • The search box allows you to enter one or more words, which the engine then searched for on  It will then provide you with a list of pages and/or documents containing those words.


  • The AmeriCU Knowledge Base allows you to ask a specific question, and then search for the available answers within the Knowledge Base.  If it's not there, we will add your question to it!


The AmeriCU Knowledge Base: Ask Questions, Get Answers!