1. Insert your check card and enter your Personalized Identification Number (PIN).

2. Select "Cash Check" from the choices presented, then choose "deposit" or "cash back" and which "share account" to deposit in (maximum $2,000 for cash back only, if on approved list).

3. Insert your payroll check and verify that the dollar amount is correct.  An automatic hold will be place on the account, if you change the amount.

It's that easy!  With AmeriCU's Check Cashing ATM, you can deposit part or all of your paycheck and get cash back immediately!  Funds (up to $2000) from Payroll Checks that had been added to our Payroll Checks list are available right away.  Any funds that you choose not to withdraw can be deposited to your checking or savings for anytime access.

You can also cash or deposit personal checks with AmeriCU's Check Cashing ATM.  Please refer to our Funds Availability Policy for more information on checks, holds and how your may be effected.

 Look for a Check Cashing ATM at your local AmeriCU Financial Center.