Bill Pay is the fast, easy and secure way to receive, pay and manage bills online from the convenience at home or on the go. 

Enjoy the convenience of paying bills from your checking account without the need to write a paper check, search for stamps, or rush to the post office before it closes.  Accessing the Bill Pay Service through online or mobile banking you can:

  • Make payments to virtually any payee you choose-your utilities, your telephone bill, and even your childcare provider
  • Schedule future or recurring payments 

What if I don't have enough money in my account when the payee cashes the check?

Payments will be delivered regardless of your account balance, utilizing your current overdraft transfer sources and/or Member Privilege, and all applicable fees will apply. (Please note, as with paper checks, items may be returned due to insufficient funds.) You will be responsible for bringing your account current (i.e., paying any payments in excess of your account balance as well as all applicable fees).

What time of day will my payments go out?

Payments are usually processed early in the day - so to be sure to avoid overdraft fees, be sure that funds will be in your account before the Due Date you select. AmeriCU guarantees delivery to the payee by the due date you select.

Why do some payments take longer to process than others?

Depending on the relationship that the payee has with AmeriCU's bill pay system, payments are sent either electronically or the payee is mailed a paper check. Electronic payments can be made in 1-2 business days while check payments take at least 3-4 business days to reach the payee.

Why is a payment that used be sent electronically (by ACH) now being sent through the mail as a paper check?

This may happen because the address of the payee is not correct and current, or because the payee doesn't have an electronic relationship with our new bill pay vendor. If you made a payment which was sent by check when you expected it to be an electronic payment, there are a few things you can try:

1. Set up a new payment in bill pay and see if the electronic address registers. Electronic payments list the first available deliver by date 1-2 business days out and check payments show a first available deliver by date 3-4 days in the future.

2. Try to get the payee added electronically by deleting and re-adding them in the bill pay system.

- Go to Bill Pay and begin typing the name of the company in the "Need to pay someone new" field and it will search for that payee.

- If you found what you're looking for, select the payee and click Add.

- You may or may not need to enter an address. If you have to enter an address, be sure it is the correct address for electronic payments processing. Check back the next day to confirm the payment processing method (see step 1).

*Please note: Payments by check

I received a notice that a bill payment was sent with a check number, but the payment hasn’t been taken from my account. What happened?

You receive notification of all bill payments on your account. Previously, funds were taken from your account on the process date (date the money was sent). However, since AmeriCU has changed our bill payment processing, for payments where a paper check is mailed, the money will not be taken from your account until the payee cashes the check. The clearing process for these paper checks mailed by BillPay is now the same as if you had written a check out to the payee yourself.

Can I use my savings account to make payments with Bill Pay?

No. You may only make payments from your AmeriCU checking account(s).

I got an email saying that I have a payment scheduled – is this from you?

Yes, our BillPay system will send you a confirmation email every time there is activity in your BillPay account (schedule a payment, payment sent, . These emails will help you confirm that the payment details are correct, and act as a security safeguard. To change your BillPay email notification settings, log in to online banking then go to Pay Bills. In the lower right, click on 'Edit reminder and alert preferences' and then choose which reminders you want to recieve.

How do I add payees?

A payee can be any business, organization, or individual anywhere in the United States with the exception of some government taxing authorities, collection agencies, and recipients of court-ordered payments. Before adding payees to the list, you will need to have your recent bills on-hand for reference of pertinent information.
1. Click on the "Pay Bills"
2. Type the name of the payee in the box next to "Need to pay someone new?" and then click Add.
3. Add all the information on the next screen. If the payee you entered is a payee is a frequently paid business, some of the information may be filled out for you.
4. Click Submit.

You can view your history of payments to each payee by clicking on "History" under the payee name. The history provides a summary of payments made to individual payees and includes the payment date, from account, and amount.

Will the nicknames I choose for my payees show on the payment?

Nicknames you set for your payees are saved in the BillPay system, but debits on your account show the actual name of the payee.

My ebill has been pending for a long time - what's happening?

When setting up a new eBill, it can take up to a full billing cycle to complete registration and will show as pending until your first eBill is recieved in the BillPay system. Depending on when you set up the eBill, it could take up to a month to complete. If after a month, your eBill is still pending, please contact us at 1.800.388.2000.

Is there a cost to use bill pay?

No, of course not! True to our mission as a credit union, there is no cost to access BillPay or online + mobile banking. This is yet another way that AmeriCU provides you with convenient, easy access to your accounts.