• Case is irrelevant, so there is no need to use upper and lower case.
  • Spelling errors will be automatically corrected with the closest word. If you are not seeing the results you expect, check to make sure your search term is spelled correctly.
  • All forms of a word—such as singular (dog), plural (dogs) and verb tense (dogged) -- are automatically retrieved, unless you "put the search term in quotes".
  • Use categories and search text to only include items that contain your search terms and are found in the category selected. For example:
First, enter your search term(s) and hit the Search button. Now to narrow results, select a category from the dropdown list and hit the Search button. For example, a search for “cats” will return several pages of results, but when narrowed by selecting “Games & Puzzles” from the dropdown list only items relating to cats in the Games & Puzzles category are returned.
  • The default sort is by "Relevance." Items that are most relevant to your search are listed at the top.
The fewer words in your search, the more results will be returned. The more words, the more narrow your results. For example, a search for “dogs” will return many more results than a search for “funny dogs.”

You can adjust the number of items displayed per page by selecting the drop down menu to the right hand side of the second blue menu bar on the page: