If your order has not shipped, or you are missing items from your order, it may contain preorder or backorder merchandise.

If we have not yet received an item from the publisher or supplier, the item is marked as a preorder item

If an item is temporarily out of stock, the item is marked as a backorder item.

Estimated arrival dates are available on the product's detail page.  These dates are provided to us by our vendors.  They are estimates, and are subject to change as needed.

If your order contains multiple preorder items, the order will be held until all items are in stock and available for shipment. 

There are several exceptions where we will ship your item immediately.
  If your order contains in stock gift items, games, toys, perpetual undated calendars, or calendars whose start date begins in 10 days, we will automatically split your order into multiple shipping groups and ship the in stock items.

If you need your items immediately, we are happy to ship all in stock, available items upon request.

To check your order status, click here.