Thank you for your interest in Go! Calendars and In an effort to lead the marketplace, we are always looking for exciting new products to sell at our stores. Unsolicited submissions will be carefully considered in order to choose the products best suited for our stores. We base our buying decisions on variables including (but not limited to) content, packaging, pricing and availability of comparable items within the marketplace. We also take sales trends and our current inventory levels into consideration when making decisions.

The majority of our buys will be made by the end of February. In order to have the best chance to be included in our product mix, please make sure your submission is received between the months of January and February. While we will accept late submissions, we can only create POs for late submissions as space and budget permits.

We encourage interested vendors to send us a sample of your product. If you are sending a calendar sample, do not send original artwork as this will not be returned. We can accept a previous year’s calendar as a submission (however please be sure to include the current year’s front and back cover imagery). Again, please be advised we will not return any submissions.

Mail samples to:

Go! Retail Group
ATTN: Calendar Buying Department
6411 Burleson Road
Austin, TX 78744

Additionally, in lieu of sending a physical sample you may also email images for consideration to Please note that when buyers are able to review a product in person, this will have a bigger impact on buying decisions than photos alone.

Please include a cover letter with your submission that includes the following:

  1. Your name, company name, address, phone and fax numbers, website and email address. Please note that an email address is required for all submissions.
  2. Your suggested retail price.
  3. Date your calendar or product would be available for shipping to our warehouses. We require all product to be in our warehouse by July 15, however we can accept incoming shipments as early as May.
  4. Please let us know if there are special regions where you feel your title will sell well.
  5. Tell us what differentiates your product from others already on the market.
  6. Include examples of marketing and promotional content, any recent publicity, reviews, or articles. We will also accept data discs, download links, or thumb drives with high resolution print-ready promotional images. This will help us to determine the ease of marketability for your product.
  7. Also let us know if the artist/subject is available for in-store signings or events, if applicable.
  8. Advise us of any cooperative advertising funds you offer – we offer prime graphic real estate within our stores for vendors that want their products to stand out!

Please allow us 6-8 weeks to contact you with our decision. Our decisions are made after we have reviewed all available titles. Please do not call, email, or message our social media pages during this time.

All buying decisions are made through the Calendar Holdings LLC Merchandising Department in Austin, Texas. Do not solicit our individual stores, as they do not have the authority or buying power to add titles to their individual stores.

Things to be aware of:

  1. Wall calendars must be shrink-wrapped with a B-flute, 175lb test single-wall cardboard stiffener inserted in them.
  2. Make sure your product is priced competitively with other similar titles on the market. Calendars typically range in price from $12.99-$15.99 for a standard 12″x12″ wall calendar.
  3. The US retail price must be printed or stickered on the back cover of your product. The prices must be human-readable.
  4. Your product must have a scannable UPC or EAN barcode.
  5. If Calendar Holdings LLC accepts your product for distribution, we will send you a Purchasing Terms Contract and Vendor Compliance Kit (stating our database, product, shipping, and accounting requirements) to review and sign.
  6. You will also be required to complete our database spreadsheet with product specifications. Only after all of these steps have been completed will we be able to issue a purchase order.