Once you have logged into your account using your Login ID and Password you can update your Profile.

Click on the My Account Link to open the links and options below.

From Edit Profile you can update or change your EMAIL ADDRESS, FIRST AND LAST NAMES.
You can also make sure you are set to receive special offers via email.

From Change Password you can update the password you use to access your account information.
Passwords need to be at least 6 characters long and include a combination of letters and numbers.


From Manage Addresses you can update your addresses or add new ones.
Use the Nickname field to give your address an identifier such as HOME or WORK.

From Manage Credit Cards you can modify or add new Credit Cards and Billing Addresses.
Use the Nickname fields to give your Credit Cards an identifier such as PERSONAL or BUSINESS.

From Order History you can view information about your current and previous orders such as Shipping Information.