An automated email is sent to the email address provided as soon as your order ships.  If you did not receive your shipping confirmation, you may want to confirm we have the correct email address.
You may also want to check your spam blocking software.  Occasionally, our automated emails are blocked by spam blocking software.  AOL customers seem to experience this regularly.

If you know your order number, you can find your tracking number and print an invoice, by clicking here.
  Enter your order number and the shipping address zip code.  Click Print Invoice.

If you do not know your order number, log in to your account.
Click on My Account.
Click on Order History.
The tracking number will be under order information.

To print an invoice:
Select the order you wish to review.
Click Print Invoice.

If you require further assistance, please click here to email our Customer Service Team or call 800-366-3645.