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ACCOUNT  [Public]
Create Account  [Public]
Delete Cover Letter  [Public]
Edit Resume/Cover Letter  [Public]
Manage Existing Account  [Public]
Post Resume/Cover Letter  [Public]
Reset Email/Password  [Public]
Site Accessibility Category for site accessibility issues [Public]
Suspicious account activity  [Public]
FEEDBACK  [Public]
Mobile App Improvement  [Public]
Site Improvement  [Public]
Application Status  [Public]
Recruiter/Employer Info  [Public]
Saved Jobs/Application History  [Public]
Searching  [Public]
Communication Settings  [Public]
Job Emails  [Public]
Job Texts  [Public]
Spam  [Public]
Unsubscribe  [Public]
General  [Public]
Unable to apply  [Public]
Unable to Login  [Public]
Unable to Update Account  [Public]
Unable to Upload/Download Docs  [Public]
Closed as Duplicate Use this if the incident is already in the queue. Add incident ID of which the incident is a duplicate. [Public]
No Action Needed No Action Needed are those cases where no action is required. [Public]