To help protect you and minimize possible fraudulent activity, Global Credit Union provides 24/7 fraud monitoring services for your credit and debit cards.  If unusual activity appears on your account, it could result in a temporary risk block on your card. By notifying us ahead of time of your travel plans, you'll minimize the chance of your card being declined.

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Or, to save you a call each time you travel use CardNav!

What is CardNav?

CardNav is a mobile app that allows you to uniquely control and protect your Global Debit and Credit cards. CardNav empowers you to make proactive decisions regarding your cards, as well as respond immediately to card-use situations as they occur. 

What are the Benefits?
• Control when and where your card is used
• Receive near-real-time notifications to alert of any unauthorized use
• Eliminates the need to notify Global of travel related purchases
• Secure your accounts by locking the card when not in use and unlocking for use
• Control dependent purchases to avoid misuse

Installing CardNav is Simple CardNav is available for both iPhones and Android mobile devices. iPhone users can find the app in the iTunes store, and Android users can find it in the Google Play Store. Follow the instructions on your device to download and install the app.