When your debit card is swiped at a merchant it sends our computers a message to verify that the card is valid and there are enough funds available to cover the transaction.  Because the actual dollar amount may vary from the intial verification, this transaction will not post right away, but will hold the funds in your account. 

Example: you receive your bill for dinner at a restaurant.  The total due before tip is $50.  The server swipes your card to verify that it is valid and then returns the card and the bill to your table where you add a tip and sign for the transaction.  The final amount is then sent off by the restaurant for posting to your account.

The verification and actual positing of the transaction often happen in the same day and you won’t even notice.  Sometimes, it will take a few days before the actual charge posts to your account. 

Previously, we allowed those "holds" to drop off of your account within a day.  If the actual transaction hadn’t yet posted to your account it may have appeared that you had more funds available to spend than you actually did and cause you to overdraw your account.  We’d like to help our members avoid unnecessary NSF charges so we’ve extended the hold time to 3 days, or when the actual purchase posts to your account, whichever occurs sooner.

*The date the card is run and the date it posts is not controlled by Global Credit Union.  It will vary based on the card processor(s) that the merchant uses.