We can try.  However, there is a wide variety of devices available today and each mobile device is a little different.  If your answer is not found below we recommend that you consult the user's manual that came with your device. 

To enable cookies in Mobile Safari

·         Go to the Home screen by pressing the Home button or by unlocking your phone

·         Select the Settings icon

·         Select Safari from the Settings menu

·         Select Accept Cookies from the Safari menu

·         Select From visited from the Accept Cookies menu

·         Press the Home button to return to the iPhone home screen

·         Select the Safari icon to return to Safari

·         Before the cookie settings change will take effect, Safari must restart. To restart Safari press and hold the Home button (for around five seconds) until the iPhone display goes blank and the home screen appears

·         Select the Safari icon to return to Safari


 To enable cookies in Internet Explorer Mobile 


·         Select Start > Internet Explorer

·         Select Menu > Tools > Options > Security or General tab

·         Select the Allow Cookies check box

·         Select OK