As a member of Global Credit Union we know you value account security and we want you to rest assured that your accounts are protected. There are ways to ensure security and privacy that you can help control and be proactive about too.

Here's what we are doing to keep your financial information protected.

Our websites are secured using digital certificates and industry-standard encryption and time-sensitive session cookies in order to obtain personal information for member transactions. We only support browsers that can provide industry-accepted encryption protocols.
These protections ensure that you are actually inter, and not an imposter site impersonating us. Your connection to our websites uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect the contents of the message from eavesdropping and interception. 

Be proactive about your security

Bank securely by enabling security features such as anti-virus, anti-malware, and only connect from trusted networks.

Create a strong password

  • Length in a password adds a significant amount of security with each additional character.
  • Upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters add complexity.
  • Make your password unique and avoid easy to guess phrases or personal details.