What is this mail I received?
It is a promotion to explain the benefits of using your Global debit card and offers you an opportunity to earn rewards when you make purchases with your card.
My family has two debit cards on the same account.  Do they both count?
We look at transactions at the checking account level. If there are two cards on one account, both cards will earn points and count toward determining threshold offers.  However, each time you qualify, you will receive one certificate (which includes points from both debit cards) for that account.  If there were a separate checking account within the same household with its own card, those transactions would be specific to that card and checking account.  Offers will be based on the account, regardless of the number of cards associated with that account.
Does it matter if I use my PIN or sign for the purchase?
No you receive 1 point for every $100 spent regardless of transaction type.
Does the dollar amount purchased matter?
It does for your ongoing usage points, but not for other incentive offers, such as swiping a certain number of times.
Do ATM transactions count?
No, only purchase transactions count for the rewards program.
I used my card the required amount and have not received my rewards points.  OR I did not receive the prize I ordered.
Here’s our program support number: 855-500-3904. They will be happy to assist you with your questions about the program.

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