Simple Steps to Save Successfully During Military Saves Week 2018
Tammy G. Bruzon, Military Saves

Military Saves Week is from February 26 until  March 3, 2018.  At Global, this week is an annual opportunity for individuals to assess their savings and take financial action. Each year, we encourage servicemembers and military families to set a goal, make a plan and save automatically.

This Military Saves Week, try these five simple steps to help yourself save automatically – and successfully:

  1. Assess Your Savings
    Like your health, you should assess your savings annually to make sure your savings priorities are on the right track. Drop by a Global Branch or give us a call for an assessment to find out your current standing.   Global can help you plan for the future.
  2. Evaluate your Savings Preparedness
    Check off your savings accomplishments on the Saver Checklist to further evaluate where your savings habits need strengthening for your future goals.
  3. Take the Military Saves Pledge
    Set a goal, make a plan, and save automatically. Those with a savings plan are two times as likely to save for emergencies and retirement than those without one. Join more than 250,000 Military Savers who have already committed to save. When you take the pledge, you can choose to receive text message tips and reminders to help you save towards your goals. Need some inspiration to save automatically towards your goals? Drop by a Global branch today.  We are ready to help you reach your financial dreams!  
  4. Share Your Savings Goal
    Take part in the 2017 Military Saves Week by sharing your goals
     with your family and friends.  It helps to have support. Good savings habits start at home. Whether a family is budgeting, saving, making retirement decisions, or assessing workplace benefits, service members should share the choices they make with their children, no matter their age. It's never too early to learn the habit of saving!
  5. Make Your Savings Social
    Are you on Twitter or Facebook? Join Military Saves in encouraging your friends, family, and colleagues to save this week. Better yet, join one of the many Twitter chats, events, and activities that Military Saves will be a part of this week to get real-time savings tips and advice.  And remember to add
    the hashtag
     #MSW18 to your social media posts. 

Military Saves Week is coordinated by Military Saves. The Week is an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status.