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  • 1. What are the Global Citizen Principles? Views: 48 Public
    Global Citizens give their time. They make you smile. They're engaged, integrated, transformative. They love this community and its people, And actively do their best to leave this world a better place. We believe in Global Citizens. Be a Global Citizen. #weareglobalcitizens
  • 2. What are the lyrics to the 45s' Global commercial? Views: 23 Public
    Your more than a customer your a member too When you belong to Global you can just be you. Cause Global is everybody's, everybody’s credit union. Cause global is everybody's everybody’s credit union.
  • 3. What are the lyrics to the Flying Spiders' Global commercial? Views: 22 Public
    Think Global, act local You never know we could change the world with rap vocals All in this together 'cause that's how we got in How can you say we sold out when we never bought in? I know you love the way our styles intermingle Here's the message from our sponsor and it's more than just a jingle Think Global, act local...
  • 4. Tell me about the community involvement emphasis in this campaign. Views: 21 Public
    Through the interviews with members, employees and others we learned that we really do a lot to give back to the community. But we haven't done a great job of letting people know about it. That's what led to the Global Citizen Principles as well as new initiatives to celebrate individuals who are passionate about giving back. Really, we've taken something that's been a part of our philosophy from the very beginning and put it into words. Later this year, you'll learn more   More...
  • 5. What are the lyrics to the Dead Serious Lovers' Global commercial? Views: 20 Public
    More than a customer your a member too If you belong to Global you can just be you Cause Global’s everybody’s credit union, I know it’s mine, lower loan rates, free checking too. To be a member you can just be you, Global’s everybody’s credit union.
  • 6. Tell me more about the Global Citizen philosophy. Views: 13 Public
    Global Credit Union was founded by people who believed in giving back to the community and we continue to live this philosophy today. We believe that supporting and investing in your community is important, not as an advertising tactic, but because it's the right thing to do. Part of the Global Citizen campaign is to encourage people in our communities, both members and non-members alike, to find ways they can invest in or give back to their community. It's also about celebrating thos  More...
  • 7. What are the lyrics to Stephanie's Global commercial? Views: 13 Public
    Your more than just a customer, your a member too. You belong to global you can just be you Global is everybody’s credit Union Global is everybody's Credit Union Global is everybody’s Credit Union
  • 8. Global Citizen calendars Views: 8 Public
    Purchase a 2015 calendar that features artwork for every month by local artists who have partnered with Global. All proceeds go to Terrain. In-branch $10 Shipped $15- please call to order a calendar (509-455-4700) Artists include: Darcy Lee Saxton Jesse Pierpoint Jamin Kuhn Tiffany Patterson Brad Ferguson Allen Duffy Katie Leute Neicy Frey Mariah Boyle Ryan Desmond Karli Ingersoll Find more about the artists here: www.globalcu.org/evolution .
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