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  • 1. Wire Information Views: 267 Public
    Global offers quick and safe cash transfers between banks and credit unions. We provide services for both incoming and outgoing bank to bank wires both domestically and internationally. Please see our Schedule of Fees and Charges for current Bank Wire fees, including Wire Transfer Domestic, Wire Transfer International and Wire Transfer Non-Member. When sending a wire from Global Credit Union: Please contact the receiving financial institution to obtain their wiring instructions. If you are wiri  More...
  • 2. What information do I need to start Direct Deposit? Views: 144 Public
    Your payroll office would need the following information to start a direct deposit to your account at Global: 1) The full name on your account 2) Global's routing and transit number (ABA): 3251-8059-5 3) Your Global account number - usually the number from the bottom of your check. 4) Whether you want it deposited to savings or checking. You may also include the 2 digit share type number. This two digit number shows up on your receipts after your account number and is also on your eStateme  More...
  • 3. What does EFT mean? I want to set up direct deposit. Views: 112 Public
    EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer Direct Deposit – A Safer, Easier Way to Get Your Benefits With direct deposit, your payment goes straight into your checking or savings account, so your money is there on your pay day – on time, every time. Direct deposit also protects you from fraud, lost checks and identity theft. In fact, no direct deposit payment has ever been lost or stolen. The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank have made signing up for your gov  More...
  • 4. Notary service Views: 95 Public
    We offer notary service to both members and nonmembers. Notary service provides members with proof of signature on official documents. No fee for Global members $5.00 fee for WA nonmember $2.00 fee for ID nonmember Most branches have a member service representative that is also a notary. If you would like to confirm that a notary will be available at a certain branch location please contact us .
  • 5. Is there a fee for the Debit card? Views: 83 Public
    There is no fee for the debit card.
  • 6. What information do I need to set up an electronic payment to my Global loan from my other financial institution? Views: 57 Public
    Global Credit Union accepts electronic deposits, payments, and withdrawals to and from your Global account via ACH. You can provide your bill pay service or other financial institution with our routing number and your account number formatted as follows: ABA Routing number: 3251-8059-5 Account number format for checking: 78917XXXXXXC - insert your 6-digit Global account number for the X's and your check digit for the C. This full number can also be found at the bottom of your checks.   More...
  • 7. Does Global offer safe deposit boxes? Views: 52 Public
    Global does not offer safe deposit boxes.
  • 8. What are the fees for a bank to bank wire transfer? Views: 46 Public
    Please see our Schedule of Fees and Charges for current Bank Wire fees.
  • 9. Does Global offer notary service? Views: 41 Public
    Yes. Most of our branches provide notary services. It is best to call our Operations Center at 509.455.4700 or 800.676.4562 during business hours to be sure a notary is available in the location you have selected. Notary services are free to our members. We charge a $5 fee for non-members.
  • 10. What is a Christmas Club account? Views: 21 Public


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