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  • 1. What credit protection does Global offer for my loan? Views: 171 Public
    Payment Protection Calculators GAP Advantage Major Mechanical Protection Payment Protection Credit Card x Home Equity Line of Credit x New Used Auto/Truck x x x New Used Boats/RVs x x New Used Snowmobile/Motorcycle/Jet Ski x x Personal Line of Credit x Second Mortgage x Share Secured Loan x Signature Loan x
  • 2. What are today's mortgage rates? Views: 399 Public
    Home Loan centers available to serve you Spokane Home Loan Center at 509-455-4663 N. Idaho Home Loan Center at 208-666-9418 Loan Type Interest Rate APR Points Estimated Payments Example Loan Amount Down Payment Conventional 30 Yr 5.875 6.250 0.000 $946.46 $200,000 $40,000 Conventional 15 Yr 5.125 5.625 0.125 $1,275.71 $200,000 $40,000 FHA 30 Year 5.000 6.000 -0.125 $873.95 $200,000 $40,000 All Rates assume a 1% Origination Point on 60 day pricing. Rate and Annual Percentage Rate (APR  More...
  • 3. Paying your 1st and 2nd mortgages Views: 148 Public
    The good news is that you can pay your loan online! To do this, click here to access the Mortgage Loan Servicing Center . Then y ou will need to register the first time you log in. Your user ID is your mortgage loan account number and you will be asked to create a password. Once your registration is complete you will have access to your mortgage information any time you need it. You can also contact your Mortgage Loan Servicing Center directly by calling 855-731-7249. If you have not set up  More...
  • 4. How do I submit proof of insurance for my auto loan? Views: 96 Public
    Please click the logo or link below and follow the onscreen instructions. www.MyLoanInsurance.com You can also mail or fax your insurance Declarations page to: Global Credit Union PO Box 924446 Fort Worth, TX 76124 The fax is 1-877-243-4116 You may call member service at: 1-877-633-1613
  • 5. When is an escrow analysis performed? Views: 87 Public
    An escrow analysis is performed annually, to ensure sufficient funds are being collected to avoid escrow shortages and overages. During an analysis we will obtain verification of your current required payments from your taxing authority or insurance authority, which may result in a reduction or an increase in the required monthly escrow amount.
  • 6. Why did my mortgage payment amount change? Views: 72 Public
    Each year there may be a change in the amount of your monthly mortgage payment as a result of an Escrow Analysis and/or an Adjustable Rate Mortgage rate change. We will notify you in advance of any changes and the start date for the new payment amount.
  • 7. Can I combine my first and second mortgages, equity line or loan when I refinance? Views: 64 Public
    Yes, depending on the value, these loans can be combined. Please, contact a real estate loan officer for more information 509.455.HOME or (800) 676-4562.
  • 8. If my escrow account has an overage when will I receive the overage check? Views: 62 Public
    Once the escrow analysis is performed the escrow overage check is mailed in approximately 20 days.
  • 9. How do I know if refinancing is right for me? Views: 59 Public
    You've probably heard that home loan rates are historically low. Generally, by locking in a better rate on your loan, you can reduce your monthly payment and save thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your mortgage. A lower interest rate also could allow you to build equity in your home more quickly. You may even be able to consolidate all of your debt into your home loan. But, how do you know if the lower rate will save enough to cover the costs of refinancing? First, let'  More...
  • 10. Do I receive a paid receipt for taxes paid from an escrow account? Views: 56 Public
    We do not send out paid receipts for tax or insurance payments. However, both your quarterly and year-end statements will provide you with amounts paid.
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