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  • 1. What is Global's routing number? Views: 339 Public
    Global's routing number is 325180595. This number is the first 9 digits listed on the bottom of your checks. The routing and transit number, uniquely identifies Global and is used in the check processing system. Your account number can also be found on your checks Or through GlobalCU eBranch under Account Details. Here's a breakdown of how that number is formulated:
  • 2. I was told I should alert my credit and debit card companies before traveling, why? Views: 199 Featured Content Public
    To help protect you and minimize possible fraudulent activity, Global Credit Union provides 24/7 fraud monitoring services for your credit and debit cards. If unusual activity appears on your account, it could result in a temporary risk block on your card. By notifying us ahead of time of your travel plans, you'll minimize the chance of your card being declined. Click here for ways to contact us. Or, to save you a call each time you travel use CardNav! What is CardNav? CardNav is a mobile a  More...
  • 3. Checking + Auto Bundle Views: 168 Public
    Bundle up this fall with our Fall Auto Bundle! You could save when you take out an auto loan (new or refinanced) with auto pay + a checking account with direct deposit! Here's how it works: As low as 0.99% APR* Auto Loan Rate requires checking account with direct deposit; new or existing 36 month term; OAC (other rates available for longer terms and loans without checking/direct deposit) Model years 2014 and newer New Loan to Global; no internal refinances Apply online or visit a bran  More...
  • 4. Protect your card with Card Controls Views: 163 Updated Public
    What is Card Controls? Card Controls is an application within GlobalCU eBranch that allows you to uniquely control and protect your Global Debit and Credit cards. Card Controls empowers cardholders to make proactive decisions regarding their cards, as well as respond immediately to card-use situations as they occur. What are the Benefits? • Control when and where your card is used • Receive real-time notifications to alert of any unauthorized use • Eliminates the need to notify   More...
  • 5. My Global CU Rewards FAQ's Views: 102 Public
    What is this mail I received? It is a promotion to explain the benefits of using your Global debit card and offers you an opportunity to earn rewards when you make purchases with your card. My family has two debit cards on the same account. Do they both count? We look at transactions at the checking account level. If there are two cards on one account, both cards will earn points and count toward determining threshold offers. However, each time you qualify, you will receive one certifica  More...
  • 6. Can I reorder checks online? Views: 101 Public
    Yes, you can reorder your checks online through Liberty Checks. You can order personal checks, business checks and accessories. Select from designer checks or customize your personal check designs with your own photos. Express yourself with checks that reflect you. Click here for more information on how to reorder checks through Liberty now. order
  • 7. How do I activate my debit or credit card? Views: 96 Public
    Credit and Debit Card 1. Make a PIN-based transaction either at an ATM or a merchant. (Debit only) 2. From the phone number the Credit Union has listed on your account, call 1-866-762-0558 and follow the prompts. 3. If you are unable to activate your card for any reason using the above options, send us a secured message through eBranch, online banking or call us at 1-800-676-4562. To update a prime member phone number log on to eBranch and navigate to Services, or contact us at 800.676.4562 8  More...
  • 8. My debit card or credit card won't work, what is the problem? Views: 96 Public
    There are a few reasons why your card might not work: The magnetic strip on the back has been demagnetized and a new card needs to be ordered, Funds are not available in your account. You may want to contact Global or log in to eBranch to verify your account balance(s) and recent transactions. If this is a new card it may need to be activated, you can call 866.762.0558 to activate the card. The PIN you are using may not match what Global has on record. To choose a PIN call 866.762.0558. The pu  More...
  • 9. I need to replace my debit or credit card. Views: 89 Public
    If you need to replace a card that you still have and is not lost or stolen then call 509.455.4700 and a member service representative can help you. You can contact a member service representative at any branch location as well. A card will be replaced with the same account number. If you need to replace a card because you can not find the card or you suspect it may have been stolen then we need to report it as a lost or stolen card. Click here for lost or stolen phone numbers. A new account  More...
  • 10. How do I dispute a charge on my credit or debit card? Views: 85 Public
    Contact us to begin the dispute process >>>
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