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  • 1. What are your branch hours and locations? Views: 52 Public


  • 2. Does Global offer tips for protecting my identity? Views: 57 Public


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  • 4. How do I update my contact information (address, phone)? Views: 178 Public
    New contact information? The most secure way to change your address is online in eBranch. Just login to eBranch and click on My Settings to update your address, phone number and email address. You can also mail in a request - just make sure you have signed your letter as your signature will be verified against your signature card for your protection. Drop us a line For written requests, please include your account number and signature for identification purposes. You can mail your change of ad  More...
  • 5. What is Global's routing number? Views: 138 Public
    Global's routing number is 325180595. This number is the first 9 digits listed on the bottom of your checks. The routing and transit number, uniquely identifies Global and is used in the check processing system. Your account number can also be found on your checks Or through GlobalCU eBranch under Account Details. Here's a breakdown of how that number is formulated:
  • 6. I was told I should alert my credit and debit card companies before traveling, why? Views: 102 Featured Content Public
    To help protect you and minimize possible fraudulent activity, Global Credit Union provides 24/7 fraud monitoring services for your credit and debit cards. If unusual activity appears on your account, it could result in a temporary risk block on your card. By notifying us ahead of time of your travel plans, you'll minimize the chance of your card being declined. Click here for ways to contact us. Or, to save you a call each time you travel use CardNav! What is CardNav? CardNav is a mobile a  More...
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    Current Rate Sheet Effective 03.31.23
  • 10. Vehicle, Personal Loan, and Credit Card Rates Views: 465 Public
    Effective 03/17/2023 All Loans Credit Cards Due to an upcoming system change as part of our merger with Alaska USA FCU, we must temporarily direct all new applications through our Alaska USA FCU network. Full service is expected to resume on 4/3/23 Please visit us at AlaskaUSA.org if you would like to apply in the meantime. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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