VISA Debit Customer service, lost/stolen card or fraud calls - 866-820-8856

To best assist the VISA customer service, please have the following information on hand:

VISA Debit Activate - 866-985-2273

VISA Debit Change PIN 866-985-2273


VISA Credit Activate - 800-631-3197

VISA Credit LOST OR STOLEN CARDS – 800-449-7728

  • Name of the financial institution that issued the card to you
  • Card type (i.e. Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum)
  • Country where the card was issued
If you know your full sixteen (16)-digit credit card number, provide the following information that will allow for a quicker cancellation of your lost or stolen credit card.
  • Full credit card number of the card that is missing—and whether you are the primary cardholder or secondary cardholder
  • Exact cardholders name printed on the card
  • Billing Address—where your credit card bill is sent each month
  • Home phone number
  • Circumstances of the loss or theft
  • Identification verification information—social security number or similar, date of birth, and mother’s maiden name

Please note: If you are the secondary cardholder for this card, you will you will also need to provide the primary cardholder’s identification verifications details.


In doing this, your card will be blocked from any future use.  You will also need to call us back on Monday so that we can issue you a new card with new number.  If your card was strictly an ATM card, please call us on Monday so that we can block your card and issue a new card.  You should be getting your new ATM or VISA Debit card within 5-10 business days.