Terms of Use

Perhaps you're wondering what your home is worth because you're considering selling it or taking out a home equity loan.  Now, with just a few clicks, you can have the estimated value of your home on your computer screen or mobile device. A quick search will reveal you have lots of choices when it comes to home evaluation web sites. 

How do these web sites work?

In general, once you're on a home evaluation web site, you enter an address, and you can view not only the valuation, but in some cases, you can also see the following information for every home in the neighborhood:

  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, lot size, stories and year built.
  • Historical value changes, charted over the past year, five years or ten years.
  • All comparable home sales in an area.
  • Satellite, aerial and parcel views (if available)

Home value estimating web sites use public records such as your home's number of bedrooms and square footage as well as comparable home values in your neighborhood to estimate the value of your home.  The estimate you receive online does not entail getting a physical inspection of your home, so you should know that a professional appraisal may not arrive at the same dollar value as this estimate.  While appraisals include some of the same information, they also take into consideration the uniqueness of your property, views, its curb appeal, whether it's been updated or in need of repair, the quality of schools, etc. 

So just be sure to use the valuation you receive as an estimate only, then seek out more definitive valuations through your real estate agent and financial institution.