Terms of Use:

Related to "phishing", another type of fraud called “vishing” has emerged that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  Instead of being directed by e-mail to a Web site, a fraudulent e-mail message (spam) asks the user to make a telephone call. The unsuspecting caller dials into a voice response system that asks for the user's credit card number. The system is disguised to appear like a legitimate financial institution or credit card company. 

In addition to email, the initial "bait" can come in the form of a telephone call with a recording that instructs the user to call an 800 number.  In either case, be wary of anyone asking for you to enter credit card numbers over the phone.

Vishing is a slang IT term that combines "voice"  and "phishing".  Voice over IP (VoIP) is used for vishing because caller IDs can be spoofed, and the entire operation can be brought up and taken down in a short time, compared to a real telephone line.

How can you protect yourself?  Verify the validity of any request for your personal information, such as credit card numbers, account numbers, Social Security numbers, etc., by calling your financial institution or credit card company directly via the phone numbers you have for these companies.