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For quick cost cutting on your cable or satellite TV expenses, try this:

Shop around.  Whether you are considering switching from cable to satellite or vice versa, there are lots of deals available.

Find out about special offers.  Be sure to contact your present provider to see whether they are willing to extend their promotion to existing customers. 

Ask for a price break.  Call your existing company and see whether there are ways to reduce your bill.

Check out discounts for bundling.  Some companies offer services where you can bundle your cable, Internet and home phone service, saving you money over purchasing each separately.

Scale back on the number of channels.  Is it really such a deal to get 100 extra channels if they're not ones you'll watch anyway? 

Just say no to pay per view.  Discover the affordability of DVD rental kiosks available in many retail locations. For just $1 per day, you can rent a movie that otherwise would cost four times or more if you opted for pay-per-view.  

Watch TV on your PC.  Sites like Netflix, Amazon or Hulu have free, full-length episodes of many TV shows.