Mobile deposit is a quick and easy way to make a deposit to your account without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Using the Credit Union’s mobile banking app and camera on your phone, you can snap pictures of the front and back of your check, which will be transmitted to the Credit Union for processing.

If you are experiencing issues with acceptance or processing, there are two common reasons for checks being rejected: the endorsement or the quality of the image. To reduce the potential that your check will be rejected, follow these guidelines for endorsement and check quality:
  • Endorsement - legibly endorse your check in the following order:
    • Sign the check as listed in the payee line.   
    • Include your account number.   
    • Finally, write out in printed letters - "For Mobile Deposit to LA Financial"       
  • Check Quality – to assist in submitting a quality image:   
    • Place the check on a flat surface.
    • A solid, contrasting background from the check color will improve the readability of the check.
    • Hold your camera close to the check, and slowly raise the camera until the four courners of the check are within the lines of the check image box.
    • When lined up, you can snap an image of the check.
    • Repeat the above for the back of the check to capture the endorsement.
Please be advised, a hold may apply to your mobile deposit. You will be advised of the maximum immediate credit available at the start of your Mobile Deposit transaction. For more information on the Credit Union’s Funds Availability Policy, refer to our Account Agreement & Truth-in-Savings Disclosure, available on our website.

If you continue to have issues submitting your checks for deposit, do not hesitate to contact us. You may do so via the message center in Mobile Banking; select Messages, and use the pencil icon to start a New Conversation to the Credit Union. Or you may contact us during business hours Monday – Friday at 800-894-1200.