The default Internet browser for Microsoft Windows system prior to Windows 10 is Internet Explorer (IE). However, some newer programs may not support IE, requiring you to have another internet browser on your computer desktop or mobile device. In order to use a different Internet browser, you need to install it and set the new browser as your default browser.

The following browsers are compatible with LA Financial's Online Banking. Click on any of the below browsers to go to the browser's homepage. You can follow download and installation instructions through each site's page, after you click their "Download" button.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge

Apple Safari (Mac/iOS users)

Need a little more direction? Here are general steps to downloading and Installing a new internet browser: 
  1. Open your current Internet browser and type the web address for the website of the new Internet browser you would like to install. For example, if you wanted to download Google Chrome, you would type "" and press "Enter."
  2. Locate the download link on the new browser's website. Usually a "Download" button will be prominently displayed on the site's homepage.
  3. Download the installation file for the new Internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), and save the file to your hard drive. Close your Internet Explorer after the download is complete.
  4. Locate the downloaded installation file on your hard drive. In Microsoft Windows, files are saved to the "Download" folder by default. Double-click the installation file.
  5. Allow the installation file to install the new Internet browser on your computer. Click "Finish" when the installation is complete.
  6. Open the start menu and click "All Programs" to open the menu of programs installed on your computer. Newly installed software is usually highlighted in the Windows start menu. Select your new Internet browser to start the program.
  7. Set your new Internet browser as your default browser. Most browsers will check when the program starts to see if it is the default browser. If not, the Internet browser will give you an option to set it as the default.