Happy Savers Club—A Club Just for Kids!

       How to Join...

It is never too early to start saving. Good savings habits are the foundation of a sound future. Parents, grandparents or any adult can start a Happy Savers Account (a subsidiary of our Youth Primary Savings Account) for their child in their life today!

The Happy Savers Club is designed for children up to the age of 12. You can open a Happy Savers Account with a minimum of $10 (including membership fee). The Happy Savers Account, like the Youth Primary Savings Account, will automaticall convert to a Primary Savings Account after the member turns 18 years of age. As a member of our Credit Union, we want to make saving for that special goal a fun and exciting experience. When you make a $1 deposit or more to your savings account, you'll get to choose a prize. When your balance reaches $50, a small stuffed doggy will be yours. If you get that savings balance to $500, you will receive a large stuffed doggy like this one:

Everyone at your Credit Union wants saving
to be a big part your life. Come join in the fun! Start saving today!

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