Yes, overdraft transfers from savings or lines of credit will take place if you attempt to use your VISA Debit Card and there are insufficient funds in your checking account.  Overdraft Privilege may also be used to cover checks.  An Overdraft Privilege fee will be charged when the service is used.  However, your check will clear and you will not incur any embarrassment or bounced check charges from the person or store that deposited your check.
If you have an overdraft protection source (savings account or line of credit) an Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee will be charged anytime an Overdraft Protection Deposit is posted to your Checking account to cover an overdrawn balance, as already indicated on your Schedule of Fees. To avoid this fee, you can transfer the necessary funds yourself using Online & Mobile Banking prior to the posting of the transaction. 

To view fee amounts, please see the Schedule of Fees and Charges under Forms & Disclosures.