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Federal Stafford Student Loan:
The Stafford Student Loan offers deferred payment options so that you do not need to begin repayment until after your graduation or after you leave school. With the subsidized Stafford Student Loan the interest is paid by the Department of Education while you remain enrolled at least half-time at an eligible school, during a six-month grace period following the date you drop below half-time enrollment, and during qualified periods of deferment. Interest on the unsubsidized Stafford Student Loan begins to accrue immediately and you may pay toward the interest and principal on your student loan at any time.

Federal PLUS Loan:
The Federal PLUS Loan repayment begins within 60 days from when the loan is fully disbursed (that is, when the lender sends the final disbursement to the college). Interest, however, begins accruing on the day of the first disbursement. You will have a repayment term of up to 10 years.