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What if retirement is just around the corner and you haven't saved enough? Here are some tips. Some are painful, but they'll help you toward your goal.

  • It's never too late to start. It's only too late if you don't start at all.

  • Sock it away. Pump everything you can into your tax-sheltered retirement plans and personal savings. Try to put away at least 20 percent of your income.

  • Reduce expenses. Funnel the savings into your nest egg.

  • Take a second job or work extra hours.

  • Aim for higher returns. Don't invest in anything you are uncomfortable with, but see if you can't squeeze out better returns.

  • Retire later. You may not need to work full time beyond your planned retirement age. Part time may be enough.

  • Refine your goal. You may have to live a less expensive lifestyle in retirement.

  • Delay taking Social Security. Benefits will be higher when you start taking them.

  • Make use of your home. Rent out a room or move to a less expensive home and save the profits.

  • Sell assets that are not producing much income or growth, such as underdeveloped land or vacation home, and invest in income-producing assets.