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Yes, contributions to a Roth IRA may be withdrawn tax- and penalty-free at any time, for any reason. After the IRA has been established for five years, earnings on contributions may be withdrawn tax- and penalty-free, provided the owner meets any of the following specifications: has reached age 59½, has become permanently and totally disabled, is deceased, or is withdrawing the funds for first-time home purchase.

First-time home purchase withdrawals are limited to a maximum withdrawal of $10,000.  The $10,000 you take out for your first home is a qualified distribution as long as you've had your Roth account for five years. This means you can take out your retirement money without penalty, and Roth earnings are tax-free.

If, however, your Roth IRA is a newer account, the withdrawal is an early distribution.   As with a traditional IRA early withdrawal, a Roth holder can use the first-home exception to avoid the 10 percent penalty, but might owe tax on earnings that are withdrawn.