Regulation D is a federal regulation that controls the number of times each month that funds may be electronically transferred from your Savings account.
Unlimited withdrawals may be made each month from your Ready Asset or Savings Account when performed:
  • in person
  • via ATM
  • bank by mail
  • Shared Service Center
  • official Credit Union check payable to self
  • Wire transfer
Withdrawals are limited to six per month from a Ready Asset or Savings Account in any combination of the following:
  • anytimeBanking
  • TouchTeller
  • Overdraft from Savings
  • Phone Requests
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • fax or e-mail requests
  • automatic transfers
How to avoid Regulation D Restrictions:
  • Link your revolving line of credit to your checking account for overdraft
  • Keep appropriate balances in your Checking Account instead of your Savings or Ready Asset Account.