Cookies serve a very useful purpose.  On the Web it is impossible to differentiate between different users unless the server can identify a visitor.  Storing a piece of information in the visitor’s computer does this. This information is called a cookie. Cookies can store database information, custom page settings, security clearance information, requests being worked on, or just about anything that would make a site interactive and customizable.

Our online services use cookies in order to perform its complex security and database operations. Online services like anytimeBanking and our online support tool would not be possible without cookies.  Therefore, your browser must be set to allow cookies for our online services to work.

Some cookies have expiration dates. When a cookie expires, your browser will simply erase it from your hard drive. Depending on where it came from, a cookie may expire tomorrow, next week, or next year. Cookies with an expiration date are generally known as persistent cookies, meaning they stick around for a while. A cookie that doesn't contain an expiration date will only last as long as your browser stays open. These are called session cookies. When you close your browser, all session cookies silently disappear.