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Looking for a job can carry its own set of expenses at a time when you're least able to afford them.  Through tax deductions, you may be able to recoup some of these expenses.  Of course, be sure to contact a tax advisor for assistance.  You can also find information in IRS Publication 529 "Miscellaneous Deductions". 

In general, check out these expenses that may qualify for a tax deduction:

  • Resume preparation - If you pay someone to prepare your resume, pay to print multiple copies, pay postage to mail, etc. these costs may be deductible
  • Travel - Let's say you need to travel to a nearby city by car or fly across the country for an interview, the airfare and mileage may be deductible
  • Food - If you have meal costs that are directly related to your job search, they may be deductible
  • Lodging - If you have to stay in a hotel while interviewing away from home, these costs may be deductible